This week I posted some in-person Beatles autographs collected in the 1980s.

The collector of the autographs was an interesting guy and obtained some nice in-person pieces. These included cast-signed Star Wars and Indiana Jones posters, a Kubrick-signed Clockwork Orange and a band-signed Springsteen poster. He was a photographer and was also photographed with some of the "stars". You can read about him and see the things he collected here:

Some of you may have guessed that the Paul, George and Ringo autographs were all on a "Hard Day's Night" window card. Here is the full piece as the original owner displayed it:

Apart from the dinner plate-sized McCartney and the wild Harrison, the fact that the autographs were on a movie poster was the main reason I bought this. I am also a pretty keen movie poster collector so it was a great "crossover piece" for me.

I have never seen another Beatles' autographed movie poster of any kind (be it a six sheet, one sheet, insert, window card, or even a lobby card or 8" x 10" movie still). The nearest I can get to signed movie memorabilia pieces are programmes, production "call sheets" and usherette dresses from the premieres (a London book dealer currently has one of the HDN dresses on offer for £15k by the way).

Does anyone have examples of other Beatles' signed movie posters, including stills? Even things signed by just one Beatle or relating to post-Beatles solo projects would be interesting. It might be better to exclude items that were produced for commercial sale, such as movie programmes, as there are probably lots of those.


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I don't see it on their site. Already sold I assume.

I've seen these before...from my stash of auction catalogs...

That's a fantastic piece. What is its size?

Thanks Steve, the autographed window card is the standard 14"x22". This makes the McCartney around 10.5" (26 cm) across. I assume the line under "To Jon" is also from Paul so there is also a bit of height to his autograph too.

At first, it spooked me slightly knowing exactly who collected these autographs, what he looked like and how he had died (or at least that he died early and not of natural causes) but I hope he would be happy that his most treasured set of autographs continues to be treasured.

I don't actually have the window card on display for fear of losing more of thee reds, and particularly more of Ringo.

In case they are not too clear I'm attaching larger images of the Paul, George and Ringo. The blurring is due to the difficulty of scanning something this size. I won't bother with John as that "autograph" is not on the card and is highly unlikely to be real anyway.  

Attachments: No photo uploads here

Give My Regards To Broad Street one sheet movie poster signed by Paul McCartney 1984.

Thanks Mark, that's nice! I suspected there might be some signed solo project material. Anyone else have anthing?


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