Here is an interesting set of autographs currently up for sale at Nick Barbers auctions in the UK.  The title is


Starting bid £1200.  Unfortunately they look like Neil Aspinall signatures.  Interesting story and I believe the vendor is one of the fans pictured in the newspaper article?

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looks like Neil

Definitely Neil.

Neil got pretty good at copying their signatures -- but he could never get the "G" in George right. Way too long. 

Yes, a classic  Aspinall.

Definitely a Neil Aspinall set, the George Harrison is usually the tell for me on his sets. 

Looks like they updated the description:

Autographs BEATLES - super authentic collection of all band members signed on a single sheet - collected 1963 @ Gaumont Ipswich - but after further info it seems that this is the work of road manager neil aspinall


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