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This album was found in my father-in-law's attic. It has been there since the late 1960's. It was given to my wife by a friend who was a Beatles fan who had gone to see the Beatles concert in New York City. We have tried to contact my wife's friend, but have been unsuccessful to date. We have received many opinions regarding the authenticity of these autographs, but sometimes I think the best "experts" are active collectors. We would appreciate any and all comments.

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Hi Charlie,

I'm not an expert, and I'm sure some will come by and render opinions, but the autographs appear to be signed by the same person, and to me don't look like genuine examples. They do vaguely resemble them, though.

I could be wrong, but probably not. Sorry...wish I had better feedback. We'd love for more genuine Beatles signed albums to come out of the woodwork.


I've seen these signatures before.  Steve you are correct that they are signed by the same person and in my expert opinion not by a Beatle.
Thanks, Roger
I would agree with you Roger.  People often made up tall tails to their friends and family.
Hi Steve........Thanks for your input and opinion. It is appreciated.

Have a good day,

Doesn't look like any Beatle signature that I have ever seen...I am sure those in the "know" will make a more definitive opinion that would be similar.

One of the poorest Beatles fakes seen in the last years. There's all wrong in all autographs. Must be destroyed!
Thanks, Alexander, I appreciate your comment



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