Hi - I'm seeking your opinions if this set of autographs might be legit.

Supposedly stemming from a Hamburg-based collector who has given them away several years ago. Possibly the sigs were collected over an extended period. I'm extremely sceptical - especially after comparing with several other pieces and threads in this forum. However there are several other items (amongst others: G. Martin, Epstein, Alfred Bicknell, Robert Withaker, Pete Best + also The Who, Elvis,...) that maybe make the whole thing more "realistic"?!

Anyway, any thoughts on this will be much appreciated!!!

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The John still comes closest, but all not authentic.

No thank you!!!

It looks like it could be a Joe Long forgery.

These are fakes, hastily scribbled junk. The color ink is a big flag - but that's just a start.

Sorry no good.

Thanks for all the feedback!


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