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Hello everybody. I am new here. I livein Switzerland and since 40 years I own the signed and nice framed BEATLES LP Please Please me. Is anybody out there interested in that one to buy... You may always contact me. HAve a great day.

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That isn’t authentic, unfortunately.

Agree with Ballroom the signatures are most definitely not genuine.

Agreed, this is a poor-quality forgery, unfortunately. 

Not good!! I believe that the signed  album used in the display was pressed in Germany from 1977. Sorry not signed by any of the Beatles.

Interesting how some of these fakes, even from Switzerland, look familiar. This is a particularly crappy one.

Sorry, this is NOT signed by The Beatles.

Don't think I've ever seen an authentic one signed on the front as the ink wouldn't take -- so they just turned it over and signed on the back.  Hope you didn't pay alot for this. 


BAD Forgery.


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