37000$ hammer price without auction fees??? Crazy.e

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Hard to believe. How about this one, from the same auction. Approximately $50,000 after the premium. 

I guess I know where to sell my set.

March 1963 Parlophone promo card...

Auction fever ,it doesnt feel like your spending money until you have to pay 

i know its not beatles related but a Hendrix concert ticket and programme that sold for £500 on e bay a few months back and isnt really that rare maybe £900 maximium value sold for nearly $7000 last night, who buys this stuff for that kind of money ,you could list the same ticket in a months time and be lucky to get $800 its just how it goes  


What auction house was this?

R&R I believe

it is hard to believe that someone is prepared to pay that amount of money for a batles set or even has that amount of money  for what many would call a luxury item.  I feel a bit better now when I look at things I have overpaid for!! 

I suppose as long as the buyer is happy they must have plenty of cash and a reason for wanting that particular item though i$45,000 is mind boggling 

i doubt the buyer is half as happy as the vendor who must be on cloud 9 and RR will be nearly as happy with the $15,000+ in fees  

it must be being paid by bank transfer as well as ccards dont go up to that amount , well mine dont!, but it still is mind boggling whatever way you look at it


Credit cards go far, far beyond that amount.



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