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What do the experts think of this

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I certainly want to see that! Please post a photo.

Photo DD

And world of bowie

Can a better scan be obtained of the DD?


I’d hold off on Bowies right now. A lot of them assumed genuine are very likely not. 

They come with Andy Peters COAs

I'm double checking with him. I sent him an email an hour ago

Neither of the ones you posted are real in my opinion. I would not buy them no matter what Andy tells you.

The DD looks odd to be sure. Best to wait and let the playing field level itself first.

+1! I would wait as well - what is and what is not Bowie is likely going to change rather soon.

What is mean by that? 

Sounds like a forger slipped through and was previously accepted as real but has now been identified?

It means I would not buy any Bowie right now.


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