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What do the experts think of this

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Just gonna have to be a different one.

Yes, I've come across that with Andy. It was a particularly style. I've sent Andy an email a few hours ago confirming the authenticity of the ones i posted. I'll let you know what he says when he gets back to me


I'd avoid the ones you posted no matter what Andy Peters says. 

It will be interesting to see what Andy has to say. I will invite him to join this thread.

Please do. 

Yes, i think it needs a detailed explanation to clarify the situation. 

How and where was it discovered that a lot of what was thought to be authentic is now questionable?

Are we talking about a particular style or more widespread? 

Are you saying that Andy Peters' opinion can no longer be trusted? 

To Eric and Steve

What has come to light regards the authenticity of David Bowie autographs. Is there any particular style affected. Where does Andy Peters stand in all this. Could you give a detailed explanation please 


Justin Steffman of Autograph COA posted on the RACC that many David Bowie autographs with Andy Peters LOAs were forgeries in the ACOA's opinion. The mid-1990s style is the vast majority of them but I'm seeing similar atypical characteristics on 1970s styles with Andy Peters LOAs. 

Justin and his ACOA crew strongly believe that the person known as "Andy Peters" is purposely issuing LOAs for forgeries, and probably is involved in the forging of them. I am confident that Justin is absolutely right. And we both agree that Andy Peters is not his real name.

More will be coming out shortly, but I strongly recommend avoiding anything purportedly signed by David Bowie at this time.

I've had contact with Andy this morning and he said he will join the thread. Could you give me the RACC link 

For clarification, are these allegations or have they proved to be factual?  If the later is true, it's a very serious crime and should be treated as such. 

I suppose if Andy doesn't join the conversation, that question will be answered 

I certainly wouldn't make a statement like than unless I  had rock solid proof.

I've also sent a message to Justin. 



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