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You don't need to answer that question.

I'm waiting for Andy to defend himself. He's fully aware of tha allegations being made.



Firstly, you were fully aware this morning that I was contacting my lawyer regarding Steve’s remarks (which you drew my attention to), hence the delay in responding.


The comments were highly inflammatory, without fact and will be defended rigoursly in any proposed action.


For the avoidance of any doubt the site offers a no quibble guarantee that if any buyer wants to return an item  without time limit, they will receive a full refund from one of the several sellers who use the site.

You can tell your attorney that I stand by what I said.

Good morning,

In the light of what has been said it would be unwise of me to comment; however, the statement alleges that you are not Andy Peters.

You are either Andy Peters or you are not. A lawyer is not needed to defend that statement as your details will be on the electoral register.


I am Andrew Peters.

Thank you.

Bearing in mind Mikex most people on AML dont go by their real names , does this actually matter?

Tony Ford is the Best person to ask

It does in view of the allegations 

Ford has provided 200 images to the gallery (which were his photos) and he will be tagged to each one of those if that is where that information is coming from. He also uses the shop to sell from along with Peter Driver, Mark Atkinson, Fred Eve and Sarah Bostock amongst others.

Who is this

That is Anthony Ford, found via a Pimeyes.com facial recognition search Justin Steffman did of a photo of Andy Peters that he sent to a client of mine.

Dear Andy Peters (if that's your real name),

What you've written in your last message is absolutely disgusting and disgraceful, and may I add - immature.

Instead of messaging Steve privately and trying to resolve the issue raised here, like a grown adult (assuming you're over 30), you took out the dirty laundry and threatened to take legal action, on Steve's own website, while categorizing people's individual experiences here as "highly inflammatory, without fact".

Even if all of your David Bowie autographs were real (but they aren't), I'd never buy water from you if I was dying of thirst in the desert.



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