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Collectors also share responsibility to do their own work IMO.

You're absolutly right :-)

The OP autograph certainly looks not genuine to me regardless of any COA.  Unnatural stops in the flow and as already stated a bit shaky.  I think the Fab4 example is the original the OP with all the different inks is just a bad copy of the original.


So you are saying that someone copied Marcus Brandes autographed page and is selling it as a forgery? 

Or someone copied his COA??

The real autographs are owned by Fab 4 collectibles,check there website and you will see these signatures on there.I believe the Marcus Brandes autographed page to be a forgery and slowly drawn also they have been moved around and chopped to fool buyers.One signature you might see a couple of characteristics the same but not all four.

Is the COA definitely real?

I was wondering the same thing. Markus can make mistakes, of course. We all do. But he researches carefully and would never sell an autograph he wasn't 100% sure of.

Take a look at this new Ebay listing with the same write up exactly to the autographs above,and from Germany sounds familiar?? item number is 401909638821 fakes again.

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And of course everyone starts a full set of Beatles autographs out a one English pound.  Right.


Here is a reply form the current eBay seller. I told him he was selling a copy of the original autographs and sent him pics of the real set his reply 

thanks for your message. I bought, before I did a quick opinion at a renowned expert. He writes that autographs are fine.
They are not a copy and also differ from the reference autographs. Maybe the autographs were written the same day or week?


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