Just saw this one up for auction. Supposedly found during a house clearing. Auction estimate is under £100 which might be correct. Looks like a classic Mal signed John Lennon not sure on the others. Thoughts?

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This is not authentic at all....

It's awful, might have been quite a nice picture without the 'autographs'.

awful is the understatment of the year

The photo was taken in Blackpool England on August 16, 1964...

What auction house?

oh dear how bad are these

How bad are these? How deep is the ocean? How high is the sky? :)

Steve the auction house is GERRARDS AUCTION ROOMS in the UK. Auction estimate is £60 to £80 with a starting bid of £36. No bids yet.

UK's answer to the Coach's Corner.

Bogus???  That's being kind...pathetic is more like it!!!

The old house clearing find "Gem". Heard this one many times before. 

Absolute joke . How people have the nerve to flog this kind of crap is beyond me . Just an insult to genuine beatles collectors and fans alike .



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