Well they are coming fast and furious and so far the track record is not good.  This Please Please Me Lp has the signatures of John, Paul and George in what appears to be fountain pen ink?  The Lp cover has suffered some significant water damage and the signatures have faded ?  Can’t get a real good look at the ink lay down and that is only part of the problem. The signatures themselves have pluses and minuses and I’m not sure although George looks a bit like a Neil Aspinall signature. Any other thoughts?

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Well spotted!

The person doing the copying doesn't appear to be a pro. This is something any amateur could do with a slide projector or other simple technology. The pro would go for a bit more drama and contrast. The amateur might do it for himself, without evil intent, as the copying (like Paul's) is jerky and sluggish, not smooth at all.  Regardless, what a great visual and memory, Keithspoon1978.



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