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I think it could be good but don't like the look of it with the rubbing.

Sale is at an auction house in Spain I've never heard of. VERY suspicious as there are lots of "questionable" items also for sale such as this Dark Side of the Moon.

What is suspicious about this one?

That's true, but these look good to me.

I was thinking Grey Poupon, but okay.

I don't know about these.  they are close, but I don't think they are authentic

Thanks for your critical input, members. To be honest, I am also sceptical about the authenticity of these, though they look real close. Front signed Beatles items are really rare, anyway...

There are several nuances of their respective signatures that look spot on to me. I also think that the damage and aging looks natural. If it's a forgery, there's amazing attention to detail here. 

I think they have a good chance of being real to.

I think so too...speed, flow, shape and spacing all look good to me. Again, the various nuances of their signatures look spot on to me. The style of the signatures fits the time frame in which they would have been signed in January of '64. The ink looks appropriately aged and the damage looks natural.

I think it might be the real deal...

The george is kinda funky looking. The paul and john look good. Hard to say for ringo.



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