beatles autographs on ebay at the moment certified in hand by the beatlesmarketplace with COA.

Right i am back now as i was a little annoyed earlier as i have been collecting beatles autographs and memorabilia over many years and was virtually called a liar for saying a couple of these items listed on ebay at the moment are fake.Well i have the proof that the george is fake and i will post it now,so what im trying to say is i have been stung by nigel lemon on beatles signatures before so how does he still get away with authentication.

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I've never heard of a guarantee like that...impressive! How is proof determined?
Exactly. He only sells what he beleives to be 100 percent genuine. He is still only human and could make a judgement error. But he is prepared to put it right. He is not a scammer.
I've dealt with Nigel as well and always found him to be straight up and honest definitely one of the good ones.

I dealt with Nigel Lemon 10 years, or maybe longer, I have found him to be one of the best within this industry,

I sent information to Nigel informing him there was an eBay seller "callieava" that was selling two Beatles signed items both with COA'S from Nigel. The two items were the Twist and Shout ep and postcard and a signed Birthday card. The listing for the Birthday card had a picture of the COA from Nigel and to be honest it looked sketchy to me. I haven't heard back from Nigel but both Beatles listings have been removed from eBay.

Here's the original birthday card from when it was previously offered on eBay. It was signed by Paul and John in 1968.

Here is the picture from the auction on eBay. This is what I sent to Nigel.

Hi, I wrote to Beatles Market Place asking what's going on but there's no response. I'm pretty sure that they only got a scan or photo and confirmed it's genuine not knowing that all the sigs are not original handwritten! Seller "callieava" offered several faked autographs of The Beatles before.

thats very interesting so how does the seller callieava get away with it if he has sold in the past

I suspect it is a percentage scenario. He likely putz a few of these bogus items up with doctored COA'S hoping no one will question him on them. If he gets caught he takes the listing down (or eBay does) he claims innocence and tries to play the victim.



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