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Gotta Have It is auctioning off this fully signed "Beatles VI" LP. 

What do the members think?

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the george is a question to me, when was it signed? no question it was signed after the break up.

Agree Josh, Lennon looks fake. The others seem ok with the possible exception of Ringo.

this is a great discussion. everyone seems to have a different take on which ones are authentic.  it appears that the only one we seem to agree on is the Lennon, which is really out there.

The Ringo seems to be the one that most agree is legit.

Personally, I will add that I do not like the McCartney, but again, that is my personal opinion.

The auction description has been updated with the following:

The Paul McCartney and George Harrison signatures have been removed from two other albums and have been professionally mounted on the album.

wow ballroom, that explains alot! no wonder!

Ballroom, how would that be possible? I am just trying to see how it could be done. I mean would they need to have 4 signed albums of the same type and then cut those signatures out of one album, make the same cut in another album and paste in the removed signature chunk? Maybe thats what happened here but that seems very unlikely to me. These signatures i cant comment on, but just on the seller stating that it makes me wonder. I mean how and who would cut up legit beatles signatures and then paste them on a LP.

Do you think this is simply backpeddaling by the seller to explain comments he received as to why the look like they came from different eras? Thats the only thing i can think of.

I just cant see how the signatures could have been removed from other items and put together on this LP. Maybe it can be done, and done so that it looks great, but i am not familiar with it. You would think that was something the seller would have mentioned from the get go as any buyer would definetly need to know that. It sounds like the seller is just trying to make up a story to answer questions that have risen. But ill leave it to others to comment on as far as authenticity. I just am having a hard time swallowing that story. 

They're claiming that the John and Ringo signatures were signed directly onto the album, and only the Paul and George were added. It doesn't make much sense to me either, and it doesn't appear to me that the other two signatures were mounted onto the album. I honestly don't know what to make of it.   

So this means they are all real then and no forgeries?

the general consensus seems to be that they are all real.  I am not convinced.  I would not want this in my collection. 

It's amazing what these paper restoration guys can do these days

so true roger, i have seen other items that the same thing was done and they look legit.

Hello Roger, first let me say thank you so much for all the time, info & examplars you provide here! Very impressive. Secondly, are you saying it IS possible to do such things as remove an autograph and place it another album ect?  Thanks again for everything do & keep it up! Have a great day.



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