I purchased this cut autograph from a reputable dealer on Ebay several years ago.  Is there any chance that it is real?

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It's not Bela Lugosi. This is a Boris Karloff signature and is not authentic in my opinion.

I apologize. I meant to say Boris Karloff.  Somehow the two get intertwined in my head.  I appreciate your opinion. I found the link to edit my original question and heading.

If Bela had heard you say that there would have been hell to pay! He would have gone full Dracula on you.

I have the 35mm master of one of Bela's last films. Uncropped, with soundtracks. Best print around. Ed's copy. Looks like a Hurrell so sharp and with darks and lights razor. Bela Jr, unsure which film, had me impersonate his dad on the phone when discussing this film (Glen or Glenda). Talk about surreal, crazy...he said "Hey! That was pretty good!" Eventually they were screened for his people at DuArt.

"Pull the stringk"

"Pull the stringk"

One of the all-time immortal cinematic moments! For those here that don't know 



While the Karloff isn't that far off the few I've seen that were deemed authentic, I don't remember "Boris" being anything remotely like that. There was some variations in the B particularly over the years, but the "B" here is unique as far as I've seen.

Thank you for your opinion.

You're very welcome. It's just an opinion which means I could be right or I could be wrong. Unless you get an autograph yourself in-person, it all comes down to opinions. That's what s*cks so much about this hobby.

I disagree. You do not have to have seen Jackie Gleason sign a USPs postcard mailed 1/21/51 if you know his secretaries etc. to identify his hand.

I don't know the history of this item but it reminds me of newer ink on older paper whose sizing has gone.

To my point, Eric, here's a true short story that must be happening every day to countless items. I bought a signed Beach Boys album by 4 many years ago from R&R. Did my own research as well and I was 100% comfortable with the sigs. A few months ago I sold it with the R&R cert. Two weeks later the buyer told me that he sent it to PSA and they did not pass it and told him that all of the sigs were off. What, lol.?? I was super p*ssed. Instead of returning it for a refund the buyer decided to keep it. All boils down to opinions.

Well, I do not place much stock in some of those opinions, I agree. I have my own based on experience, observation and logic, as I am sure many do. Did you see the letter of rejection? I don't play the TPG games and have never submitted anything in my life. It would be a remarkable feat indeed to create a cancelled 1/21/51 UPSP postcard signed in the correct fountain pen in Gleason's specific hand, knowing his secretarials, bearing the age and other marks that serve to indicate authenticity.

No, I didn't see the rejection letter because I didn't want to even see it, I was so upset. The buyer made the right decision thankfully. I've never submitted anything to TPA's either, never will.



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