Can you tell me if you think this Bette Davis lobby card is authentic?

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I've been monitoring this back and forth. I have nothing new to add except I feel the same way today as I felt yesterday. 

Original poster here --

Here are additional photos.

I have NOT returned the item yet. I will wait and see. I really love it and want desperately for it to be real, due to it being a WHTBJ lobby card. The price is not an issue at all, just authenticity.

I do note the seller in many of their auctions claims to have gotten these signatures in New York 35-40 years ago, in person. That is claimed for the Davis as well. They provide a home made COA with their email address (no name). I did a search on Google, and no hits for the email address. I think a good way of assessing authenticity would also be to look at other ones they claimed to have obtained in person 35-40 years ago in NY.

It is an original, vintage lobby card.

Pix taken with phone. If more or better clarity is needed, I can break out the digital camera later.

I did ask one expert, and he had said it looked good to him although letters seemed possibly a little blocky, but could be from later in life.

I am very poor at assessing signatures, but I do note in examplars that she uses variations on the first e.


Couple pix showing the # on the lobby card as well as the back of the lobby card.



I will let you know tomorrow. It is getting late in the UK. I will give you an honest answer and if I'm not sure I will say so. You did well not sending it back yet, as I was about to snap it up. I will also provide photos of my findings. If it is genuine and the card is vintage, you have a nice item. 

At the moment I'm saying genuine. I will be more definite tomorrow.

How could they be from later in her life if they were obtained in the 1970's? She was only 62-65. Her hand was quite smooth before her strokes etc. and had a distinctive flavor I don't quite see here. Many of those items that seller has are signed in the same red felt tip - perhaps someone will look at other material they have.

"...want desperately for it to be real..." - this is a danger.

Abcd, why not ask him - B. Anderson is here right now.

A Robin Williams SP as Mork with what's her name AND the Fonz for...$150 or best offer?

I will have a go now. Temptation is getting the better of me.

Just a quick one. Still on the case

Should he send it back?

Check out the M in the bottom name check the B in Robert the T in Robert. 




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