Same guy was selling tons of fake Bowies, Michael Jacksons, etc. Now he's selling low priced Beatles stuff that look like copies.

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The day that Erick was replying to Kamila from the bluelifesaver account, if you look in the reply, he added my personal website.  When he hit my website to give it to her, I went to my website which has a private tracker, and captured his hit.

The IP of posted from the LA Library, is the same IP he had here when he listed himself as Bernie Chatzky and Anna Blanco. Both of these accounts we removed awhile back as we knew it was him. 

So it should be easy to see if he is back on AML by checking the IP address?  How many AML members are using that same library IP address?  Hopefully none. 

Can't sort by IP.  Not a feature.  Have to individually look people up. 

A suggestion to all members however is - if anyone here offers you anything privately - let them know you plan on posting it for opinions.  The forum has rules for selling items, getting opinions is one of those rules.  They should not be afraid of having their item scrutinized (if it hasn't been already)

Well the good news is that this didn’t sell the first time around.  The bad news is that he relisted it at $59.95 with no reserve. Also mentioned no COA because and I quote:

This are not copies, nor prints.These is authentic Beatles memorabilia.It is authentic but I don't have access to get those elusive COA's reserved for A FEW CHOOSEN SELLERS AND LARGE CORPORATIONS.”

Well that explanation makes it so much better!!!

Just realized the photo was never listed in this discussion - posted above. 

Here is a 2nd item

Both items have 1 bid on them for 59.95

Hard to believe that this item had 5 bids and sold for $102.50.  

The fake McCartney had 10 bids and finished at $86. 



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