Listings for it have been popping up in indie stores but none have been made available yet. Stores have been getting very few (~3) signed copies so seems it will be like her book again where very limited copies will be available at store locations only. Heads up for anyone. Here’s to hoping they go live online soon.

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what are some of the other websites that listings have popped up on?

I saw it on some other sites too. Looks like anyone using that distribution system shows it. But nobody has had them online that I've seen. Guessing it'll be strict in store only.

All these links have been deleted now - so long gone !

Reminds me of the greta van fleet sigend cds from a few months ago. The same computer inventory system showed them but were never actually available online. I think once the main system removed them they get auto removed from all the shops inventory as well.


just got these. 

Congrats. those look nice. I only have 1 shop in town and they didn't get any as they deal mostly in vinyl.

Wow! Are they all operating at in-store only? I'm UK-based :(

Massive congratulations though, that's an awesome success! 

Mee too man wounded 

Is it a signed insert or a booklet?

It’s a signed insert!

Those are way nicer than the paint splattered CDs.


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