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Probably loser scalpers with their bots at this point, now that the product page is set. 

Someone on twitter has already received theirs early - below gives a good indication on the size of the art card 

Just got mine. It is a very decent sized print, and it came inside the vinyl. 

Nice! It’s going to be busy weekend with Serj Tankian, Gillian Anderson, Pedro Almodovar, Billie Eilish, Kate Hudson, and Slash all shipping this week!

Mine looks nothing like and had weird marks on it??

I feel your pain. That one looks like it should have been composted. Hard pill to swallow when your rare limited collectible shows up and is smeared, soaking wet, ghost signed and/or just wonky looking.

Its clear to me the industry as a whole isnt taking the signed options seriously anymore (if they ever did.) Quality control certainly seems worse to me. It used to be something special. Now, its practically compulsory and it shows. 

Not cool.

They are supposedly sending me a new one, so let’s see

Good that you complained. Hope you get a decent one.

Thanks, me too

My replacement arrived, looks similar to yours but mines bent :/

After the nice previous "Eilish" signature, looks like she's taking lessons from Ed Sheeran on how to sign for large quantities.


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