UK Only - includes the signed artcard.*/*/Happier-Than-Ever-Signed-Music-Bundle/739U0000000

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Anybody heard anything about the signed prints??

I asked a couple of time by email and they just said “later date”. So not even a clue of when they are sending it. 

Had anybody actually received their signed bundles yet? I wonder if its possible the signed card is indeed included inside the cd ala Halsey? I just dont see how or why it makes any sense to sell the bundle with the signed element missing, although it has been done before. Ugh. Waiting and watching.

They probably wanted to get the albums out the door so they count for charting. If they would have waited for the artcards to be in-hand before they shipped, they'd miss their target window. (just a guess).

I've recently contacted the store and asked them when they would ship. They confirmed that once it has been recieved by them, they'll send it out and stated that this is a separate part of the order

That’s what they keep saying to me I have emailed a couple times I don’t understand all the usa was inside the cds etc why we in the uk gotta wait 

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I think you should open yours to check it’s not inside!!

It’s not they have told me

they are waiting on the stock and will ship once received 

also I got the vinyl bundles I doubt it be inside the vinyl the cd bundle I would risk opening the seal but don’t wanna break the seals on the vinyl just gotta wait I guess 

I only just had shipping for my imagine dragons signed cards I’ve emailed them like 2 times about them being missing and today they got shipped 

OMG I have so screwed up on this. I must have forgotten to do something at the checkout and now my 9 year old daughter is going to crucify me. I swear I had one of the bundles ordered in August, even got sent a download link, but I haven't heard anything and can I find any trace of the order? Nope.

This is going to be an expensive mistake!

Managed to get both my children Ed Sheehan signed CDs, but Ed Sheehan vs Billie Eilish? If I never post here again, you know what has happened!

Has anyone had the art cards yet I email them every week and I get the same response they don’t know when they are receiving them 

I’m starting to get a bit annoyed with them I mean how hard is it to get the signed art cards ? 

at this rate I don’t think we ever going to get them :( 

I emailed last week standard reply that they don’t know!

I don’t mind waiting but wish they gave us a ball park timing!

I agree a date would be nice it’s not fair on the kids who are waiting and asking every day has it come yet has it come :(

I have explained this to them just to give me a date at least but nothing 



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