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I saw this on Twitter. Reads as though each is only single signed-not whole group.

That is correct! They did the same with the last album to maximise sales 

I was wondering if they were going to to this, as they've gotten pretty big. Interesting to see Itzy, Twice and now them with virtually identical signed preorder offerings.

Yeah tons of twitter followers. It’s hard to determine if they’ll resell cause there are so many photos on eBay  (likely fakes)

Isnt jisoo the most popular?

Interesting. Im surprised more arent hyped on this release. Biggest girls kpop group in the world.

But its still Kpop which is just cute people and marketing.. the music actually sounds like a direct ripoff of a lot of 90s and 00s songs.. I dont care if these will be worth $1000 each, I wont support them. Its interesting to see regardless. Thanks for posting Kdavies. This will make a lot of people happy im sure. Its just not for me

As with a lot of these types of groups, its hard to tell how this will pan out over time. Harry Styles was part of a manufactured boy band, and he seems to be doing alright these days. There often is some genuine talent (or at least charisma) in the mix.

They are selling relatively quick.  When I checked inventory when they first came out, they were around 2800 each--so I'm assuming 3k each total.  They are down to about 800-1000 each now.

Rose: 1072

Jennie: 902

Lisa: 722
Jisoo: 1240

They seem to really reduce quantity on this release compared to 2020. Thought 2020 album had like 20k+ sold.

I put in an order for one of each about a half hour ago. Just refreshed the page and see that Lisa is sold out. All of the others are still available as of now.


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