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Blacula 1972 William Marshall's Personal Copy of the Preview w Vintage SP & Original Litho Lobby Card

Hello Everyone,

Here is William Marshall's own copy of the preview for Blacula along with a dynamic original lobby card by Phil Segura. The original script had no backstory for the vampire, and this did not sit well with Marshall. He insisted the character be an African Prince, Prince Mamuwaude, on a noble mission to end the slave trade, starting with an appeal to a certain influential Count in the Carpathians.

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This is the other - a bit later, sometimes around 1990:

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Hi there, I think you hit a reply to me by mistake lol.  I think you meant to reply to someone else.  I have never studied William Marshall so would not be a good one to give an opinion.  I think I have a Star Trek card of his like the one shown below.  Take care. Scott.

Dear Scott,

I am so sorry! Yes, hit the wrong button. How are you?

Hi there Eric: Not a problem I was just confused lol.  I am hanging in there hope you are well.  I like the older Marshall signed photograph in turquoise.  I have quite a few of that era in that ink.  I have not been doing much with autographs in the past couple years.  I should get my stuff in order that is a overwhelming thought lol.

I forgot to mention, and not sure this is true, but the Director also claims to be the first black horror Director.

One more. This example is from Tariq Marshall:

"...What's your thoughts on their Bowie....promising?

It has a "COA with matching serial-numbered, tamper-proof hologram stickers..." - Eddy

What is the point of posting that to me? 

From your own posts you would not go near this merchant and already have stated your thoughts on his listings, so I have difficulty taking your question at face value. However, it is as "promising" as that "Jordan".

You know what I mean. Instead of wasting time trying to play "forgery by association", why not look for Marshall exemplars as you seem so interested?

Every response and retort from EDDY has been edited and deleted out of this conversation rendering it useless.

This says SO much.

Hi All,

considering this - William Marshall's 1973 auto registration card - while filming Scream, Blacula Scream.


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