Hello everyone,

I would appreciate any help with this Dylan signature, would really like to sell it if I can prove authenticity. It's a cut from the front cover of The New Morning lp and I believe it's from the late 1970's, it's also a bit faded unfortunately. 

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I personly don't think u will get a yes or no to sell it on here.u will have  to get a real coa from roger or becket or psa one way or another to sell it if u want to list it as bob is so weird and hard a u didn't witness it. or consign it to someone and let them do the leg work as Dylan goes for crazy money hope that helps

Hi Marc,

Thanks, I had a feeling that would be the problem, I can't pretend I did witness it as I didn't! I bought a collection of bootleg lp's from deceased U.K. Dylan aficionado John Green and this was amongst the collection.

much appreciated anyway,


I would send this to Roger for $15. Even though the Bob looks mostly correct, it's the D and the transition into the Y that bothers me the most. I'm not saying that it's not Real, but it will require someone of a higher pay grade to be able to make the call. Roger is really Good on Dylan and $15 is nothing, if it is Real. 

Thank you Tim,

I wanted an opinion before I did send it to Roger and if you believe it is worthwhile doing so I think I will, 

most helpful of you, thanks for your time.

Hello again Tim,

I eventually sent it to Roger and he said it looks fine to him, so thanks, a nice result!

Your Welcome. I'm glad it worked out for you. Still wanting to Sell it?

Hi Tim,

Yes probably, not sure for what though,


If it’s still available I’d like to buy it 

Hello Tony,

I'm afraid I have sold it now,




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