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Proof! They would have gotten away with this if there wasn’t a group like this. They had no idea they could get caught so quickly 

For those not shipped from Coles in the UK yet, you need to let them know there are 10.... make that 13....  autopenned versions being used by the fraudsters S&S!!!!

And if you ordered from Premiere, I would request to have the order cancelled. I did that earlier today and am awaiting their response 

Its afterhours in London. They will figure it out when they wake up to 90+ cancellations overnight, lol

Has anyone contacted Premiere Collectibles yet?

I did prior to the match and asked for cancellation. No response yet

i bet some of those 99 that were  sold in the UK the customers  are not even on here 

Steapnut tipped them off about the goings on here stateside before they closed for business today. They told him they would not ship autopens and that the books would be inspected. If they are as good of people as more than one have said here, nobody should need worry about a Coles order. That said, cancelling before they ship would seem the prudent thing to do.

Coles just need to know there are 13 autopen templates being used !

Ahhh. Got ya. Makes sense.

They will just add their own COA to the LOA to "prove" these are real.

Then relist them a few weeks from now for $5,000 a piece!



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