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I can not find his direct email but Im betting its this.. I tried and it hasnt bounced back yet


Cool I'll e mail him too! 

Jason, can you keep in contact with Nichole, she has 2 copies, her one friend has 3 copies and a few of her other friends have copies too, so should be able to get loads more photos - ! 

awesome, ill send her a friend request and try asking if those can be provided. If anyone finds other full page examples on social media, please post them here as well

I just e mailed him and copied in his UK counterpart Suzanne Baboneau and kept it short, i'll leave the main one for you!! It sent BTW!

Hi Jonathan, Disgraceful and fraudulant  behaviour by your company selling Autopenned / fake copies of Bob Dylans Philosophy of Modern Song book - using 13 different autopen templates! 

May be prudent to remove them from sale before you have an even bigger lawsuit on your hands and you need to read the attached link from the live autograph forum i am a member of ! 
You have been found out! 
Kind regards Nick 

Nice, Great job! if anyone uses this as a template, please try to put it in your own words. we want them to know that emails are coming from actual people

I'm sure they won't but If Coles do happen to Somehow let these  slip out into the UK please let us know !

My coles order is still in place. From what I hear, I trust them enough to research this on their own but I will still contact them. After Alicia Keys and Robby Krieger and a mix of autopen/authentic books depending on who you purchased from, there is still a fraction of a chance that Coles may have an authentic version.. wishful thinking

As long as they are aware there are at least thirteen autopen templates and not just one, don't be surprised if all orders are cancelled. 

Very wishful methinks. They too fudged a bit with the shipping timetable, no? Not a crime in and of itself, but the bigger implication is that these probably arent coming from somewhere local to Cole’s. Most likely coming from the same source, IMHO.

They could easily stand behind the S&S letter, at least in the beginning. I, for one, am not taking any chances and have cancelled.

I sent him a note this morning and have not heard back, surprise, surprise…

The CEO was presumably telling the truth, and a customer service representative would have no idea what you are talking about.

Why has no one harassed Snow Commerce? They are the supposedly the fulfillment company and are presumably closer to the source.

Snow Commerce is a useful decoy for S&S. Legally the only parties involved are the buyers and S&S.

If Snow had anything to do with it (which I doubt, I think they just distribute what they are given), that's for S&S to take up with them.

You can of course put pressure on them so they might put pressure on S&S to resolve the issues.



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