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Great work!! I love it.. we need to keep pressure on them until they address this and your emails are a huge help.

Ive just emailed Premiere an initial request to cancel as well. We are in this together.

I’d be willing to email Premiere as someone who didn’t even buy one, and tell them that if they don’t makes this right, I will never buy from them again, and that I am encouraging all of my collector friends to follow suit

I haven’t gotten a response from Premiere’s Customer Service but will be emailing their CEO (the guy who’s name is on their “COA’s”) Duane Ward. It looks like his email is duane@premierespeakers.com

Do not sign for the book as per pay pal reps instructions and file a claim as not received 

What’s to stop them sending you another one rather than refunding you ? 

Yes they probably have a milion copies still left to shift!

we will wake up tomorrow with thousands of notifications off here ! Has this debacle had the most ever replies on here ? 

I have two more from other friends 

Thank you Nichole, any chance you could get pictures of the full pages? I'd love to use it to compare placement with other exact templates. If its too much of a hassle, thank you for posting these either way.

I can’t. They’re in another group and they are a friend of a friend. That’s all I could get. I have a Facebook one from another person. It’s random. 

No worries. Thanks for your efforts either way. I'll eventually have more than enough


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