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Now this is interesting.

Ok I found out who the third match to my book belonged to. His name is Andrew. 

Bob Dylan "Philosophy" still unbelievably available and being sold at


Unbelievable! Can we get a stock checker to watch their inventory numbers climb? 

Hey NashVegas615 great idea if we could get a stock checker.

It would be so cool if people who bought could hide some sort of tracking device/chip in the book before they return it...Then we could follow the path to the next poor sod's country that BOB DYLAN & HIS GANG OF FRAUDS attempt to scam !!!

Idk if Bob knows what’s going on with these. He may or may not. 

he may have nothing to do with this. Idk. 

He must. Anyone who would allow management or lower management to make such a decision is an idiot.

Hahahaha you called Bob an idiot. Hahahaha

I seriously doubt Mr Dylan is aware of this situation. Most people of his stature are surrounded by people whose job it is to take care of these trifle matters without bothering the superstar. Its the same with Dolly Parton,  to this day, I am willing to bet she has no knowledge of the autopen scandal that surrounded her book. Superstars live very different lives from you and I 

Conversation in the Dylan office:

Jeff Rosen: “Hey, Bob, we just made half a million dollars on your new book.  Your slice of the pie will be hitting your bank account tomorrow.”

Dylan: “Sweet.  Thanks, Jeff.  Jeez, we must have sold a lot of copies, huh?  Folks must really dig it.”

Rosen: “Well, a big chunk of that revenue came from a special signed edition we put out.”

Dylan: “I don’t remember signing no books.”

Rosen: “Don’t worry about it.”

Is this how you imagine this went down?  Because I don’t. I’m one of the more keen Bob Dylan collectors out there, but I don’t jump through hoops to provide my “hero” with plausible deniability.  We’re not children, defending our favourite pop stars in the schoolyard.  We need to be adults and accept that these people are less than perfect human beings.  Sometimes, they take bad advice, and make wrong decisions, out of laziness and/or greed.  And they should be called out on that when it happens.

As the CEO of Dylan, Inc., Bob damn well should be aware of what is being sold in his name, because you can be damn well sure he’d be happy enough to bank his slice of the profit.  If he’s not aware, then, I agree with Eric, the man is an idiot.  And I don’t believe Bob Dylan is anyone’s fool.  He’s done a shitty thing, and he must know that it’s morally reprehensible.

Rock stars — at least the ones who have made it to the level that Bob Dylan is at — are more savvy about the world, the music industry at large, and their own business practices than you give them credit for.  If they weren’t, they’d have been fleeced and hung out to dry by industry jackals long ago.

Bruce Springsteen and Taylor Swift have both made statements, very recently, acknowledging their awareness of their respective Ticketmaster scandals.  They know, and they let it happen.  Bob Dylan, with his autopen books, is no different.

I honestly feel the same.. but there is one thing I've thought of before with Dolly that makes me think it is possible she may not be aware.. Dolly Parton has thousands of items of merchandise. It is very possible she hires management to specifically handle items in her name, her brand and possibly even her signature, without needing her consent. Dylan on the other hand, he is no Dolly... he should be aware of every aspect but at his age, with his money.. I feel it still may be a small possibility.. trust me, I am not a fan of Dolly at all and have no reason to defend her. I am a fan of Dylan but couldn't care less about what he does now outside of his music

Bib is very aware of what is going on with his marketing etc. so he very well might know. He does have the yay or nay for everything I would imagine 



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