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Yes a bit like some of the ebay Scalpers i messaged today, some are still insisting they are real even after sending them links on here, one is getting an authenticator in on it too as he still thinks they are real !  LOL

 he probably has Global authentics behind him for authenticators lol.

This is my “ signature “ does it match anyones ?

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We have a Bob Dylan forum. It's not used that much right now but it's a an important place to talk about these.


I will post a link to these discussions on that thread. I never thought to look there. Thanks for the heads up

Here's the one I got: https://imgur.com/a/HqMFNHY

Attaching a marked image 

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Hi all, just FYI, Coles has refunded my order in full. No questions asked.

Coles is A+

American Express is as well. 

I have to file for the other book

At this point is it wiser to refuse delivery from Fedex or accept it and keep building up the autopen signature case with more mounting evidence?  Whats the best way towards a refund?

Probably accepting.  They aren't going to just issue you a refund. You'll likely have to fight for it.  Do the more nails the group can put in the coffin in the form of indisputable photographic evidence- the better.  

If you refuse delivery, the refund would come from PayPal by opening a case for ïtem not received". Its best to contact the bank associated with whatever form of payment used before making a decision. Since I paid with PayPal, I will probably just refuse to answer the door. I have until Monday to think it through

I think I blew it then.  I already filed a PP claim as item not as described with out opening it.  I just refused delivery.  Probably should have stated item not received, but they are trying to re-deliver it on Monday.  Thanks Bob for creating all this stress!


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