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My package is set to arrive tomorrow. It originated from Berkeley MO which is a northern suburb of St Louis. Im sure you all probably have heard of Ferguson, well its right next-door. I pass right by there whenever I head to St Louis.

Anyways, after waiting for more events to unfold before making a decision. My plan of action for tomorrow is to just not be home for delivery. They will reattempt which will give a few more days to reassess my decision. As long as I feel it is still the best course of action, I will let them attempt redelivery to an empty house until they decide to return to sender. I will open a claim with PayPal as item not received. The only problem I see with this scenario is, if I open an item not received case and they attempt to resend without a signature needed for the 2nd package, I would need to be home when FedEx attempts the next delivery for the reshipment. Its not a problem for me since I'm self employed and my schedule is flexible. 

What are the chances they will use this tactic? And, if the 2nd package manages to be delivered without anyone needing to be home, how easy is it to adjust a claim in PayPal as item not received to item not as described? There are still many unknowns for many people who have never had to deal with this type of situation. Its scary playing around with $642 and I know everyone is searching for the most concrete way to make sure they are refunded. You may need to figure out which option is best based on your specific situation. Did you use PayPal or another form of payment? What form of payment did you use in combination with PayPal? What are all of their protections? Each will be different and you may need to contact the bank associated with the specific card you used. 

There is also a concern about refusing a package if you are based outside of the US. It may not be the best plan for certain people. I may change my plans if more information comes forward, but as it stands now, fedex will not be receiving a signature from this house when they attempt delivery tomorrow

It's a shame nobody on here is from Manahattan  - so they could go round in person and show them the faked  book and air their grievances - Good job I don't - i'd make them eat it ! Then give me my $600 back ! 


Not at all ! I hate fraudsters and he needs to be brought to justice and shown the error of his ways as do all the others involved ! 

But finally someone knows the "original" name of the island I love!

One just posted on ebay In New Jersey! This is the same as Zmann 42s!

I contacted the seller. It looks like he ended the sale for now. At least I hope no one purchased it. 

Well done ! I did aswell with the links on here and the photo = It matched Zmann42 (from another group) autopen.

It was ended and not sold.

Sadly the one on the UK ebay is still up

I have some contact info ill add to the main post, no emails yet but there are phone numbers

Bob Dylan's Manager

Jeff Kramer
OK Management
275 South Beverly Drive
Suite 215
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
Phone: 310-535-1647

Bob Dylan's Agent

Brian Greenbaum
Creative Artists Agency
2000 Avenue Of The Stars
Los Angeles, CA 90067
Phone: 424-288-2000

Bob Dylan's Production Agent

Sony/Columbia/CBS Records
550 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10022
Phone: 212-833-7305

Bob Dylan's Law Firm

Manatt Phelps & Phillips
11355 West Olympic Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90064
Phone: 310-312-4000

Bob Dylan's Verified Twitter

Tweet or privatly message Bob on his verified Twitter account.

Bob Dylan's Verified Facebook

Post or message Bob on his verified Facebook.

His law firm might be an interesting one.. I also found this email associated with his store.. probably a long shot but worth a try


Just called them but they said he lives outside the law because he is honest.

I am visiting the New York area this week . My brother  purchased this book for me as a holiday gift . I am thinking about going to headquarter and give them a piece of my mind.



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