Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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something in the seger part looks of he has a very small graph.

wait till others chime in

JMO, I am not a fan of this signature. Seger is a TOUGH autograph. May be worth the $15 to get a quick opinion from Roger Epperson.

ive done bob inperson hes not the asist and its a very small graph .its but pretty clean

I would pass or get a tpa approval 

How do you go about getting a Roger Epperson opinion?

Here's the link.

Despite my opinion, I hope it works out for you. Like I said, he's a tough autograph to find especially at an affordable price. Bob is one of my favorites.

Don't waste your Money. This is not Bob's handwriting, IMO....

Paid Roger for his opinion he said definitely not authentic. Thank you all



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