I've been hoping/waiting for a section like the Musician-Direct Sales one for Non-Musicians, but since there doesn't seem to be one, I'll just post this here.

On October 20th, Natalie Portman released a children's picture book called "Natalie Portman's Fables." A small number of independent bookstores across the US received signed copies. These copies are signed in black on a white bound-in page preceding the title page, and differ from the "bookplate" copies that were distributed for the promotional events.

Most of the stores who received them are sold out, but there were still copies to be found as late as this past Thursday, so there very likely are still some out there. Pretty much any store that posted about getting signed copies on their social media or website, sold out immediately. However, at least one person reported that the store they contacted was reserving them for in-store sales/local customers only.

To answer some FAQ that I've been getting:

  • As far as I know, only independent bookstores in the U.S. received them, but I haven't really looked in the UK & EU.
  • Many (probably most) small bookstores in the US do not ship internationally right now.
  • Of the stores that received them, most only got 5 copies. However, I know at least one store had 25 (and were limiting them to one per person).
  • I do not know of any specific stores that still have them.
  • Please, please, PLEASE, be nice/respectful if you contact your local bookstore about these. Many of these bookstores are really struggling right now, and are already stressed. They may not have time to respond to your inquiry for several days. Further, most never received any signed copies and probably don't know they exist.
  • Some bookstores seem to think that they'll be able to reorder copies. As far as I know, the publisher/distributors were all sold-out from the very beginning, and no store is able to special order more.

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Thanks so much for posting this! After spending an hour looking for bookshops that still had this in stock, I gave up. But I was able to find one on eBay for under $200. Considering that authentic Natalie Portman autographs tend to cost around $1,000, it's still a great deal. For years, she's been the last autograph I needed for my Star Wars collection. Her autograph generally costs more than even Harrison Ford, George Lucas, or Carrie Fisher. So I'm so happy to finally have one at a better price. Many thanks again!

If anyone else is planning on picking these up on the secondary-market, I'm not sure the price has bottomed out yet.

Starting last week and extending over the next several days I expect a large number of Portman autographs to enter circulation (~2,000) via signed promotional prints. I don't know how many will hit the market though.

Yeah, it seems, you´re right. I´ve got one from a bookshop in New Jersey for € 116,00 incl. shipping and ebay has some between 120-150 (plus shipping AND the horrible transfer costs from ebay to bring the book over the atlantic).

I am very happy with this :-)


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