I have the chance to get a Bono Autograph. It was signed after the Belfast Show 2015. My question to the "experts": Real or fake?

Thank you for your fast help, I have to make a decision very soon...

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In my opinion this is not real. Please compare with my own Bono sketch signed in september 2015:


What makes me feel a little bit uncertain is the fact, that there is a shop, which offers a autograph looking quite similar to the one offered to me:


The shop guaranties with a COA. My offered Autograph looks nearly exact the same, but is a private provider... Did he copie it perfect or is it really a original one... Bonos signing differs a lot if you compare any autographs over the years... I´m really uncertain.

How much do they want for that piece?  If it's eBay you can pay $10 for a quick response from PSA/DNA might make you feel better.

I bought a Bono Sketch for $100 signed last year.

Yes, it´s an ebay offer:


Excuse me, I´m not an expert, what is PSA/DNA? How can I get such a "quick response"?

995GBP on his website, .99 on Ebay. Says enough.

Would love to see your sketch MusicJim! $100 is a real bargain!

I'm a huge U2 fan (you can see my U2 autographs in my Bono photo thread), so it always nice to see other members U2 graphs!

Hate to be a Debbie Downer, but neither the sketch or signature look right there. If you can get your money back on that, I would recommend it.

Unfortunally I agree with Rich on this one, it does not look right! Hopefully you can get your money back!

MusicJim, did you get back to seller of this sketch? And if so, did you get your money back?

If you look at the sellers other items for sale, I would stay far away from this Bono.
Not real in my opinion.

If you can believe it, even his £0.99 Picasso signed sketch doesn't look real!


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