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Amazing! Thank you!

Just when I was feeling bad for missing out on something else, you're a god! :)

Doesn't ship outside the US :(

Sold out during checkout 

Oh my lord, I think I got the last 2... Can't believe it.

Thanks! Note that when you post a BAM link, if you leave on the "id=xxxx" part at the end everyone will go to the same cart.

Thanks was able to grab a pair.

It's only for us, right?

I am in germany, can someone safe a copy for me, please?

That would be so nice!

I can't believe I missed this,  I've been staring at the computer all day and this happens as soon as I leave.  It's why I rarely leave the house lol

If it's any consolation Kenny, I'm exactly the same and 95% of the time miss out when i leave the Laptop  for a few minutes and have turned into a total recluse, I'm almost too scared to sleep in case i miss something.. when I say I... i think i am speaking for everybody on here!

We need to get all family members on a rota system! Keep the Laptop Manned 24/7

Yeah I'm the same and realize i have a problem when I'm afraid to turn away from the computer even for a second out I fear of this exact thing happening lol. I'm trying to break the habit and have cut back a lot. Just had a few I was trying for which was Brian Johnson, Taylor and this one. I guess 2  out of 3 ain't bad 

Ive for sure cut back as well aside from important ones. I swear there's been 50 important ones this summer though



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