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BONO Surrender: 40 songs, One Story - Signed Edition WATERSTONES

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Well done Kenny! I nabbed one in case my BAM order goes belly up.....

I'm glad you put the link, I saw it flash up on my phone and being on the computer had the webpage ready.... clicked on other formats / editions - strangely no signed copies showing for me.

so went back and ordered on your link!

yeah it was a nice surprise to wake up to since I missed out yesterday

Wow, thanks for the heads up. Managed to nab one

Got it!  Thank you!! $45 total shipped to the US, not bad!

Thank you!

Totalled at £37.50 delivered to Australia. 

Thank you KD! You are a legend!


Thanks so much for the heads up.

Thank you!!!

And Waterstones don't take payment until despatched 

As usual. Nice work and thanks Kenny - I grabbed one. 

Cheers to you !!

thanks ordered and emailed eason to cancel my order for the possibly maybe signed copy ;)

Kd is the man thanks mate 


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