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Bowie is not real.

Please look here, there are full galleries of genuine signatures.

Thanks for your help Sara


The stories these blaggers come up with to sell their tat...

As Sara said this is fake ( as it is of both artists), one of hundreds churned out last year by the same person who hasn't got a clue what they are doing - yet still they sell.

On another note, has just been officially recognised by the Bowie Estate (  - thanks to Eric and certain others who have helped it become a trusted source. Happy New Year all!

Excellent News!!! Happy New Year to you as well Mark! :)

Very cool

Forgery. Poor one at that.

one of the worst bowies ive even seen

ooh that's so bad 

Bowie is a joke.  I can also speak to that Bryan Ferry.  Also not real.  Here are a couple good ones.  You can see the difference

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