requires a ticket stub/receipt for current tour 

Bought one a few years ago and truly stunning 

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Nope. They come from May's official site, so they're supposed to be real. I believe they are. However I believe in the website, NOT in 3rd parts -- obviously lol... 

I am not sure why they couldn’t, I asked them:

We do not provide certificates of authenticity for our autographed instruments — We trust that our reputation as Dr. May's official guitar company for over two decades, and our well publicised tradition of providing hand-signed guitars to ticket holders for the maestro's performances around the world, is suitable provenance.

Hmmm £1 COA?!? 

It seems to me that a sales receipt or invoice is the same as a COA in this scenario. 

Suppose so

Yes, I'm agree.

$800? These short scale guitars are made in South Korea.

These are full size 

With a 24" scale length and 7 pounds weight? This is the scale normally purchased for a child, no?

I see, May built the Red Special when he was 16 and reverted back to it. I did not think it was that early.

You’re looking at the mini version, the signed bmg are just under 40 inches full size playable guitar, I own one 

I don't think so - what I am looking at is 38.9 inches in length. It has a 24" scale just like the 1963 original he built at 16. I believe the "normally" encountered scale length of an electric guitar is 24.75 - 25.5" and some a bit more. 24" scale length is often used by 12-16 year olds. The body dimensions also indicate a smaller guitar.

It is a replica of the Red Special Brian plays 

  • Though using a 24-fret fingerboard, the scale length of the Red Special is a short 24" (609.6 mm); compared to the Gibson standard of 24.75" (628.65 mm) and Fender's common 25.5" (647.7 mm) scale lengths, this creates a looser feel for the strings, which is conducive to May's extensive use of string bending and his wide vibrato.


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