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Will add that it is live ink appears to be felt tip pen.

In my Opinion not genuine.
It looks to me slowly signed and not the same handwriting.
Look at the comparison to a real Bruce Lee Autograph.

Nice try but not close. I have to agree with Ivo.

Poor slow attempt with the usual flaws and apparent gibberish characters. No..."flow" , this water is "crashing" ;)

A horror. Not even close. So far off that Kato the Master took one glance at it, chuckled, and then thought to himself, "they don't need me for this, it's so bad that they'll figure it out for themselves", and he was right!

I agree with the others, Martialartist, I don't think it's real. The last time postcards were 2-cents was 1952; long before Lee played Kato in The Green Hornet. I just looked up when Bruce Lee was born: 1940. 

Looking for clues like those will help you eliminate some of the obvious forgeries. But even if everything looks right, you should always have someone who knows their stuff look at it before you buy.

Sorry we gave you such bad news today.

Excellent Steve! Just the type of research I love to see employed :)

Found the Bruce lee at auction current bid $31...


Good job, Jay!

They should have mentioned in the write-up that he autographed it when he was 12. That could make the difference between $31 and $32.

I suspended Martialartist73 as a precaution: just in case he wasn't being completely truthful that he bought it from an autograph collector.

Better safe than sorry.

It turns out that the Bruce Lee at Coach's Corner is not the same one, even though it is also on a 2-cent postcard and looks virtually identical.

MartialArtist showed me the difference and I have reinstated him, which my apologies.

Weird they look the same to me. Prolly signed by the same forger.




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