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Bruce Springsteen - Is this signed by the same hand or legit?

Hi all,

Just saw this album cover up for auction and was considering bidding.

I would welcome any opinions on this one.


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From what I know about Bruce's signature, it looks very good to me. I'm not an expert on the signatures of the other band members though.

It looks very good to me. Only flaw -- no Clarence !!!! and his tummy is pictured!

Heres Clarence.

He was hiding on the back cover!

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I have some major doubts on this one. First: the auction house selling this has SEVERAL rock and roll forgeries in the same auction. (Elvis, Lennon, probably others).  I have many exemplars of Clarence and have never seen with where he ends with that "Z" finish.  The Garry Tallent also has that same "Z" at the end. Atypical for both.  I also have never seen a Dan Federici that looks like "Dan Per" - or a Max where it looks like a "Wae" for his first name.  I have problems with the "Springsteen" as well. I have 100's of exemplars and could not find one like that.  In my opinion this is a decent forgery but I would not want this in my collection -- especially with no provenance, no COA, and from this auction house.  Here is an authentic set of E. Street Band signatures -- you can see the differences especially the Dan Federici -- that's the most obvious bad one. 

Thanks very much for your insight here Bruce.

It's amazing to think that the auction house would be putting up for sale a number of forgeries.

I'll steer clear for sure!

Take care in these uncertain times.

My first thought was that it concerned me because I saw an area where there was a stop and start mark that should not be there in Bruce’s signature.

I concur that the first cover posted is problematic.  None of the sigs are close in my opinion.  Here's another one coming onto the market as we speak.Born In The USA


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