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I'm getting redirected to the shop's homepage when clicking the link, so maybe UK only?

it let me add it to the cart in the U.S. 


That's strange, it's still showing available when I click on it. I have heard some people say trying a different browser works sometimes but not sure if that's the problem

Definitely try a different browser or maybe your phone. I had no issues, $55 shipped to me in the states.

I’ve tried five different browsers here in the U.K.: desktop, mobile, Mac- and Windows-based.  All either say the product is unavailable or just redirect me to the main storefront page.

Same here in Germany - but it's strange that it works like this in the UK too, because the shop seems to be managed by Townsend

I first tried ordering about 30 mins after getting the initial FB notice.  The links provided automatically sent me to his US storefront. At checkout, I first got an error message saying the page was no longer available, then back on the store front the item was listed as "sold out".  After about 10 minutes, and a reload of the site, it was again listed as available and I was able to complete the order.  Still showing available now. Using Safari, fwiw...

What's the price? 

The waste of one’s personal time, in my experience.

Seriously, though, I don’t even need yet another Ferry autograph, but, as a lifelong fan, I want this anyway.

Arrived today:



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