just wondering what happened to the buy sale option on this site?

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Thanks for the reply, but I thought the format was fine before and just wondering why the sudden need to change things up? 

I closed it for the time being. I may or may not bring it back.

  1. Why? Where's all your great mates who used to contribute to this site ,Epperson , steffman, Pete Chuka, kasmar?


Oh! They gave this site the flick

No one’s been a sellout. 

They sold out!

They used this platform until their little business was established. One or two are probably ok mates but they split , at least you make a few bucks from their co with adverts.

We’re not a social site like FB. We’re here to  research and discuss authenticity primarily. No one sold out.

Pete isn’t a dealer. 

If it’s just because of authentication maybe only allow items that have authentication from psa Beckett Jsa upper deck and so on, that should negate any responsibility from the site and bring it solely on the buyer, just like any other auction house, of course your always gonna have some folks that disagree with the authenticators but at least it’s up to the buyer to use his or hers best judgment, just a thought and a possible solution, 

all the best 


I had been thinking a long the same lines. There's very few companies that buy and sell and will stand behind their authentication or policies. There's a few good guys ,Perry Cox, tracks uk. 

Others just seem to be in it for the money,  yes sellouts.


This is a great platform for people to have  say. I never mentioned Pete being a dealer, I  just mentioned him because he has always participated here and now he's gone, just like most of them who are authenticators in a co.


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