About 40 in stock at Book Soup

Must type Signed copy in the comments section at checkout. 

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I haven’t gotten an email yet but waiting for it 

I got an email confirmation.  They originally had her doing an in-person store signing but Olivia Harrison had to cancel.  I heard they got about 6 dozen copies coming that she's signing for the store over and above those that were prebought for the in-person signing.  But I believe they had a shot wait for them to come in.  I was advised allow 2 weeks for shipping. That was Tuesday.  If you have a concern I'd just give them a call or shoot them an email.  

Oh ok, no worries..I was just making sure I was following. Seems like mine may be ok then, it was not long after your post. Appreciate your response, will see what happens

*I also got email confirmation of order reflecting my request for signed 

Beautiful sig.  Glad you got in before they sold out.  Still waiting on mine.  This is the problem with posting a lot of deals that mostly originate from the coasts.  Being in the middle of the country-I always have to wait to see the fruits of deals I post as everyone else gets theirs first. 

Yeah, I was surprised to see it arrive today (I had not gotten tracking unless I missed it). Beautiful little book and agree, beautiful sig too. Thanks again for the post. 

Got mine unexpectedly today.  Packed well and looks great.

Nice! Agree, they did a good job with the packing. 

Just received my two signed books. Beautuful book! Book Souo comes through again,  one of the best independent bookstores on the planet 

they did not ship mine yet and have yet to receive tracking

I actually didn't receive an email from them with tracking.  I only knew it was coming because the posted office texted me and stated I had a package coming from Pasadena, Ca(which is where Vromans Bookstore is which owns Book Soup) 

I never got a shipping notice or tracking.  I think their shipping department is behind and just trying to get parcels out.


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