Recently I purchased this from the eBay marketplace without really doubting its authenticity on the account of it coming with a COA from PSA. However, I looked around and saw several different signature styles from her and was left confused. I know PSA usually doesn't incorrectly authenticate something, but I was thinking of giving this a gift to a friend. Any other third party opinions would be great.

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I cant find any in-person examples that match this but there are some characteristics that seem similar to her full signature. This could be her rushed style but so far, I can not find any evidence to support this. There may be some posted on social media but it would be up to you to dig that far. Hopefully someone on here has more input

I did find this one, if you can trust the people on reddit...

Thanks Jason, for the reply. I do see the similarities between the two signatures, so that may be a good sign.

It is an item on Reddit. Nothing to hang a hat on.

"...without really doubting its authenticity on the account of it coming with a COA from PSA...."

Mistake #1. Best to go in with knowledge and informed expectations of your subject.

"...I know PSA usually doesn't incorrectly authenticate something...

Usually. Not always by far. Until very recently, 1/2 of the Gleason's they had on thier Facts page were not authentic. They were shown to be forgeries by me and removed. They were very poor quality dumb forgeries.

Another reason to do your homework. They might be wrong, or right. I never use those services apart from rarely needing an eye from ACOA. And I never buy, sell or recommend anything marred by a freeloading advertisement sticker. If one must have a sticker the Reverse is the place to put it, if not on the cert itself where it can do no harm.

Interesting... Well, I can admit that I have not exactly kept that in mind 100% of the time. Sometimes it's easy to accept something as genuine by default when a person has (unfortunately) been led to believe for so long that the item in question's integrity is tied to a TPA's Certificate and sticker. I myself am trying to get out of that mindset, but my friend that I plan to give this to does prefer a COA from a 'reputable' authentication service. That said, I do not necessarily agree in the same way. Thank you for your insight Eric.

Anytime, Jack.

Maybe but really not a good example if it is. She's pretty fan friendly, so getting her from a racker (which I assume was the case here) is probably not the way to go.

+1. Quality. I'd die if someone said "maybe" about something in my collections. I prefer "WOW!" instead.

+2 it may be real, id be happy if I received it in person, but seeing this on the secondary market, I wouldnt buy it.. many people would though.. people rely on those COAs

You know, looking again in this case that sticker might be located looks like she...produced it! I often wonder what will happen if one of these companies tanks and goes down the drain what will be the effect will be on these stickers on so many items. 

thats a good question.. who knows where this hobby will be in 30 years.. things change. This hobby has exploded in the last 2 years.. these authentication companies have seen a big increase in profit.. if this hobby starts to die down in popularity in a few years, they will struggle to keep the same revenue. This could lead to some bad decisions.. i guess we will see. People will spend money for reauthentication thru whoever is trustworthy at that time



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