Inviting some input on this Fisher signed bookplate. Real? Secretarial? Thanks!

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Real one. Thumbs up.

Thanks, Charley!

I met carrie fisher at LA airport a few times,and she was reluctant to sign. her mom debbie was with her and debbie took my paper and she signed carrie fisher and gave it back to me and said here you go,and it looks just like this. i was left in a daze. then i seen carrie at another time at LA airport and she in person signed a card for me and it was not like this wasnt much difference just it all was connected. i was told by a friend that was traveling with her,she told me carrie rarely signs and when i mention debbie signing for her in front of me she said carrie hasnt signed half the stuff thats out here that the studio has staff that signs for them all,and she told me to consider my self lucky that she signed for me period. this was her assistant,well one of them that was traveling with her to film star wars. this is her mom debbie way she signed for carrie. as the ole saying goes if you dont see it signed in front of you dont consider it real. plus if you look at all coa's they say in their opinion its real. not a guarantee.  

My opinion is likely secretarial - it was known that her mother signed for her quite a bit.

you are correct,if you look at the many on ebay they all resemble and the coa's state in the opinion they are real. a opinion is nothing we all have one of those. My opinion is you are correct. authenticaters make a mint by giving a coc that say opinion. what a rip off. thank you


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