I know this is a bold statement, but after over 20 years of studying and developing systems  to verify identity, biometrics and signature authentication ( and, I came to the conclusion that a new process need to be developed to allow all collectors, dealers, auctions and authenticators to co-exist and enjoy the hobby as well as allow the market place to thrive.  I have spent last two years developing the database structure that will allow such Registry to become possible.

We are very “emotional” about the certain auctions and authenticators.  Many seem to have drawn lines in the sand identifying the good guys and bad guys.  However, we also need to recognize that even bad dealers can sell some good items and good dealers can potentially sell bad items.  Similarly, good authenticators can make mistakes and bad authenticators can verify good items.  Statistically speaking (in pure mathematical terms), a blind monkey (meaning, in a truly random process) can pick the real item 50% of the time… 

The idea here is to have a centralized location where all good and bad items can be registered, displayed, and transactions recorded, etc.  I know many of you already had this idea before, but the key concept is to preserve the provenance (entire trace of how the item was created to the ownership history).  This may be a little unnerving to have the potential of bad dealers dumping all their garbage right along side very good exemplars of collectors displaying their hard-earned autographs.  It might appear that we are providing “legitimacy” to the bad items by allowing their listings.  However, this is precisely what we want. Unlike Ebay (or any other dealer or auction site), where once the dealer or authenticator is deemed “bad”, the entire inventory is pulled off the site (effectively eliminating the evidence), we want the bad listing to be forever preserved and all transactions (ownership changes) to be recorded and shown.  Similarly, all good items and good transactions will also be preserved so that genuine items will continue to build good provenance with third-party timed stamped transactions.

It is hard for me to explain all the intentions and functions of my site here.  But I do believe that if we take the long-term view of solving this problem, we can contribute positively to all collectors, sellers, auctions and authenticators. I invite everyone to participate and contribute positive ideas toward the common goal of eliminating the fraud.

Richard Kim, Ph.D.


Memorabilia Registry

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In each Item Viewer - you will see "Menu" - the first selection is "Report error or abuse".  Please fill this form out and send to us.  We will compile all the result.  The result will be available to the owner, purchaser or law enforcement agency, if they request them.  Please do not make any bad remarks about the owner or the authenticator (no personal attacks) - just concentrate on the item and why you think it is good/bad/ugly.

It is hard to believe that ALL Beyonce items are fakes - being sold by 3 different sellers.  But if that is the case, we will need to note each item - but PLEASE be specific and look at each item carefully before making any generalizations.  Thank you!


It's an admirable but tough thing you're trying to do. I haven't had time to read all the threads today, but you're going to end up spending your life being screamed at, threatened, getting C&Ds and possibly sued. You have to be willing to deal with that like I am.

I think you either need to reasonably establish authenticity before it goes up, or just let it all hang out. The former is preferable, but time consuming and expensive. The latter, which is what you currently have, makes MemReg much less viable.

I am trying to be the "Registry" not an auction or selling site.  Many other people and sites have tried to "reasonably establish authenticity" before listing items - meaning, playing gate-keeper, but have not worked yet.  So, I am now trying a new approach.  I will never attack a person - instead, let's concentrate on establishing good/bad items - and then their respective owner's reputation will be guided by the items they own and sell only.  If we can truly "let it all hang out", then everyone can make their own decisions based on ALL the information available.

Yeah she was not into signing with blue sharpie at all . Alicia Keyes was another who would not signed photos and anything she did sign it had to be in black sharpie . A lot of celebrities got this weird idea that blue sharpies are only dealers.



This is great - please register your in-person items so that we can compare it with other items - this is precisely what the site was intended to do so that anyone can compare items from all different dealers and collectors and then make informed decision.

I would request that you refrain from attacking a particular person or dealer, instead concentrate on the items and report any "errors or abuse" meaning if you think they are fake, then register your complaint to be counted and heard.

As for video proof in some of TopPix items, I do agree that many of them do not show the actual item being signed, instead it shows the celebrity at a particular event - that means the proof may not provide a good evidence or provenance, however, it also does not necessarily mean that the item is fake - I am trying to be fair about the whole situation.

So, once again, please concentrate on particular items you think are fakes and report them - but be specific about each item.  Thank you.

C'mon man Bob Dylan on a 8x10 photo for $399.99 . That easily can go for $1 to $3 grand on RR . I tried to put the photo up here but t blocked me from getting a photo off your website. Yes there are some good Dylans there , but the lower priced ones are just horrible forgeries.


You really need to look into the reputation of some of the suppliers you have trying to sell on your site. There are three sellers that are questioned for authenticity on this site all the time .

Please read the discussions above - and report bad items - but in order to compile the data, please use our site to report them.  There are two items with $399.00 price - Items 7882 and 56851:

No need to put the photos - just point to the item number or url address.

We are not looking for the "reputation" and the sellers on our site are not our "suppliers".  We do not represent them - we are simply collecting data on items and allow registration by EVERYONE.

What about allowing comments on each item? Still not perfect, but would help.

We do allow comments on each item - you have two choice:

(1) Send a private message to the owner.

(2) Report "error or abuse" which will be attached to the item history and then will be available to the seller and purchaser when the item goes into the escrow.  (Or if the law enforcement requests them through legitimate court action.)

But, we have intentionally stayed away from having the discussion thread like this forum, since they have the potential of polluting the outcome.  So, the "blind auction" style was chosen to be the best solution.  We are taking the play book of procedures for purchasing a house.

That's an interesting way of handling it. Does the buyer need to fund before seeing comments?

You're right about discussion threads. Only if those discussing the item really know what they're talking about will you generally get a clear cut determination of authenticity.

Both seller and buyer need to agree and be in escrow before seeing the comments - that means the buyer has put the funds in escrow and the seller has agreed to take the item off the market (we call it ownership transfer pending). This is very similar to buying a house where real house inspection is not ordered until the house is in escrow.  At that point, both seller and buyer should be able to see all documentation (see under the hood) relating to the item and then make the informed decision as to go ahead with the sell/purchase or back out.  Not only this will protect potential buyer from a bad seller, but I believe this will also protect the seller from a bad buyer.

At the same time, since each item has been give a unique item number, anyone can also discuss the merits of these items at an open forum, such as this one.  I have always felt a little frustrated when people discuss fake (or genuine) items, they usually rely on the "description" of the item - but never can be sure whether you are really discussing about the SAME item.

So, transparency and openness - but with fairness and fact-driven would be the motto here...

BTW, once the buyer purchases the item and the ownership has been transferred, all provenance is kept in-tact.  And if the buyer (new owner) wishes to keep the item hidden from the public view (for what ever reason), then he can choose the mode to be "Private" and then it will not be shown in any list (except his own account).  And then if later, he wished to sell it or show it off again, then the whole history will still be preserved so he just need to change the viewing mode of the item. 

We also have the "Restricted" mode where if you wish to only show your items to your "Friends".  But our concept of friends is a little different - it is not a mutual friend - if I allow you to see my restricted item, that does not mean I am allowed to see your restricted items (until you also authorized me specifically).  I think this feature (once fully understood) will help dealers with exclusive offerings and/or help collectors who wish to share their items with only selected people.  But once again, the goal is to have all these activities without compromising the provenance of the items.

I like that idea.  Frequently selling on eBay people have asked me for some other item which I can provide.   Adding it to your site restricted so only they will be able to buy it (or have first shot at it really) would be a solution to "off ebay" sales in a safe environment.   Not that I would use your site only for that - I think it has great value overall, but since I don't have a web site or e-commerce site of my own - I've been looking for an alternative.  Hopefully we will be able to talk more about your creation next week in Burbank.



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