Today, any autographs I get are in person.  I either pay kids to get autographs at spring training games (for my baseball autos) or I go to book signings to get Presidential and political.  But in the past I have bought some autographs authenticated by a 3rd party.  I have no problem with PSA (although they do make mistakes).  I have less confidence in Beckett, especially with Presidential signatures (I see a Dwight Eisenhower that I don't believe is genuine) - but do have confidence in their sports autographs.

But I have some things in my vast collection that I bought from different dealers and would like to get other's thoughts on the COA's.

What about Rock 'n Sports?  I have several baseballs from them.  Field of Dreams?  Startifacts, Vince Cutler Rarities and Truly Unique Collectibles?  Any information would be greatly appreciated.  If you'd like an example from any of the aforementioned, please let me know and I'll try and post a piece with a particular COA.  Thanks in advance for any responses.

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It might be good to post the signatures you question - the COA's may or may not indicate or suggest this or that, but the signature is what matters IMHO. Just my .02. Have you use the search engine here to look for those dealers that you mentioned?

I have.  I just googled Truly Unique Collectibles and found out that my Tombstone cast signed photo is worthless.  I will post a couple of Field of Dreams baseballs in the near future.

I am sorry to hear that about the Tombstone cast photo. :(

Here's a Yogi Berra by Field of Dreams

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How about posting images without saying where they're from? That way we can focus on the autographs and not the source.

Sure.  I'm not going to bother posting the Tombstone cast signed photo, but will post other examples from those mentioned.

Here's an Al Gore from Rock 'n Sports.  I feel comfortable with them.  Because I bought a George H.W. Bush and a Ronald Reagan from them and they bother passed PSA authentication.  But I didn't bother to authenticate the Al Gore.

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