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Hello everyone!

    I am interested in this signature supposedly from Charlie Watts of the famous rock band the Rolling Stones.  My concern is, [is] this autograph authentic?  This is the seller's name on ebay: "ottofield"  Also what I do not understand is why this item is much cheaper thsn the others?   Thank you one and all!

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yes its good and becuase its charlie he and ronnie are the cheapest to get .ps his signiture is little charlie boy 

Big thank you Marc; I really apreciate all you help!  What I don't understand is why other signatures from Charlie is in the several hundreds and this one much cheaper?  Surely the seller knows he coukd get much more for it.  In regards to Charlie's autograph, I could never make heads or tails out of it, LOL.

No problem. Look at vintage one of Charlie's and u will see that it says little Charlie boy spelled out. It will make more sense

Ah, yes.  On this one he spells out "Lille Charlie Boy" doesn't he?  LOL.  I thought I saw a T and B in his signature because I couldn't figure out what in hell was he writing, you know.  Thanks for that liitle bit of info Mark.  Take care and be safe out there.


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