Confident on this but just checking here.  I've yet to see the 'rl' secretarial version in a Heston book but I'm sure there could be some out there.

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I did pop over to the Heston study for the first time and def makes sense that a secretary wouldn't sign his book as I would agree the same.  Believe this was a book find by Tx seller that now travels around buying books from stores, not just signed ones.

I'm off here, late hours, but I recall it being said books were generally handsigned. 

In my opinion, this Heston is authentic.

Thanks guys, I was pretty sure enough to purchase before posting here but always nice to hear some more expert opinions.  Met personally in Tx a handful of times, but wanted a cut for framing a project.  A few 3x5 I bought just after his passing, well one ended up secretarial before I knew better, the other is framed and boxed away but might also be the same.  Nice to have a site like this these days!

What has become apparent is that Charlton Heston signed photos are MUCH less common than anyone would have imagined. In my estimation, 90%+ of Heston signed photos are secretary or fake.

Unfortunately, these are not being removed from the market and they completely devalue the real ones.

Here is a genuine Charlton Heston signature to use for comparison.  This one was signed in person for me at a reception in Chester, SC, on July 10, 1983.  Heston was filming the CBS miniseries "Chiefs" at the time.  The words below the signature were not written by Heston.Scan.tiff

Thanks for sharing, Tim.

beautiful sig



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