Check out this sorry PSA/DNA & Presspass autograph! Seriously?!

Okay, while searching for Jennifer Lawrence (my favorite young Oscar winner), I came across this Rosie Huntington signed photo that is PSA/DNA #U59169. This ridiculous autograph, if you can call it that, is being offered for sale on eBay for $200.00 by none other than Presspasscollectibles.

Now let me say that I had never even heard of Rosie Huntington. Apparently, she is a Victoria's Secret model. So seeing how this so-called autograph is a contortion of lines, I googled "Rosie Huntington autograph" to find some "known exemplars".

Guess what? No autograph samples came up at all! Just pictures of Rosie. So my question is, where did PSA/DNA come up with known authentic examples of a fairly not-so-famous semi-celebrity in order to authenticate this photo for Presspass?

Maybe the answer to that question is actually Victoria's secret.

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No question they get the "no look" treatment from psa.
I hope they don't get the no look treatment from Caiazzo.
Amen to that, brother!
I'd like to know what they "thoroughly examined".

While I can agree that some stuff that gets stickered is just silly, Rosie replaced Megan Fox in the 3rd film of the Transformers (Shia trilogy.)  Her graph is far from great but there are certainly plenty around for examples.

Well presspass is buddy buddy with a psa authenticator,do not know why you are surprised

I don't  care how much I want someone's autograph. Why would I want a signature like that in my collection? Authentic or not! No wonder they want someone's else's COA on it.

Thanks, Pete for the examples. I seriously came up with none again when I googled. Unfortunately, though, her signature it would seem would be ripe for forging. Too bad her signature isn't as beautiful as she. I just bet that if I sent in the picture that I posted, PSA/DNA would not have passed it for me.

James, I know this sounds crazy, but sometimes when you see an autograph that looks nothing like the celebrity's normal signature, and at the same time not neat and pretty (like a secretarial)....chances are it's not a forgery. The authenticators will see something about that graph that screams real but rushed.

You mentioned Jennifer Lawrence at the start of this thread.....she is perfect example of a celeb whose authentic inperson graph can be an utter disaster, but I can still spot a real one hidden among 100 fakes.

Pete, I understand what you're saying, and it does makes sense. A rushed in-person autograph can be quite different from a celebs normal sit-down auto. I do think PSA/DNA does get things right more often than not. Let's hope this was the case here. I'm just concerned sometimes about "cozy" relations between big sellers and major TPAs.

I just have to jump in here...

I would hope that PSA gets their exemplars from somewhere other than Google. So even if Google came up with nothing, I would hope that would have no bearing on PSA's ability to authenticate a particular piece.

As for your theory, there's only one way to test it.

I wonder how much it would cost for PSA to provide further justification for their opinions? I feel that they are typically the best source of authentication that is readily available (I typically start with Epperson if it's rock-and-roll), and having their stuff encapsulated or slabbed is as ironclad as you can get to maintain that authentication, but if they are not available to be challenged for their opinions that people find questionable, as evidenced by this thread, then they will not be able to maintain their credibility.

If this is happening because they are authenticating things in a manner that is "Willy-nilly" then they probably won't be around long. If they, instead, can provide good explanations, then they will be able to deserve and maintain their positive status.

One can't expect PSA to be open to doing all challenges for free, so I wonder what more they will need to do them. I'll chip in, but my bottom line is I feel that they are a very necessary service to have - as long as they're legit.



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