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Not sure is this fits here - but a few hours left (7hs currently) on this charity autograph auction in the UK -. Mainly 80's/90's UK bands (a few US ones too)....and randomly 2 former UK Prime Ministers ;)

Club Tropicana Christmas Auction 2022 - GalaBid

Hopefully it will be of interest to some.....


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I can't find much about how they received these items.

I know some charities rely on items being donated, lots of fakes end up in charity auctions that way. And because it's a charity not all people question the authenticity.

Not saying that's the case here, I don't know enough about the organisation and I did see some stuff I'm confident is authentic. Maybe someone can elaborate.

Agreed.....I believe its linked to a Radio Station and some of the stuff was from various festivals this year...as for the rest of it...who knows.....

£1 for John Prescott!! Beaut of a photo too.  Bargain!


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